How to create a personal site for wedding planning



If you feel the strength, you can create a personal wedding site yourself, using special services and choose the best wedding planning for yourself. They all offer ready-made templates where you can download your information. Some immediately contain services for sending invitations and compiling a cherry list, while others offer this as separate paid options.

What to consider

There are few disadvantages to a free site: firstly, you will have to spend your time creating it, secondly, it will not be unique and special, and thirdly, there may not be any functions that you need.

The second option is to order a planner planning from professionals. In this case, you will be sure that no one else has such a site. Design and execution will be unique, and specialists will be able to add any services to the site according to your wishes. Yes, and you will not spend a minute on such a site, it will only remain to enjoy the result, creating wedding planning checklist.

What blocks should be included in the site

The site will be useful after the main day. It is there that it is convenient to post numerous shots from the wedding photo shoot, as well as videos mounted by operators. You do not have to send photos and videos to guests - each of them will be able to come in at any time and download the pictures you like. And you can use this gallery as a memorable wedding album, reviewing photos on your phone, tablet or computer whenever you want, and showing them to friends and relatives who were not present at the celebration.

The wedding planning websites may have other useful functions: here you can post a report on the preparation and conduct of the wedding in edification for couples who are only preparing for the main day. Or make a guest book where everyone present at the holiday will be able to leave their warm reviews and wishes. The e-invitation will also be useful:

  1. For guests from other cities and countries who cannot get a paper version into their hands.
  2. For busy guests who are easier to perceive information through an electronic medium.
  3. And the electronic site as a whole is important for compiling wedding planning timeline, since the computer makes fewer errors than a person.

On the personal site you can place a wishlist with a list of desired gifts: simply list them or make an interactive list where guests can celebrate what they will give. This is very convenient and saves time and strength for both the perpetrators of the celebration and their relatives. Find a wedding planning book useful for you to recreate a real wedding.